Security IP Cameras

Professional IP Cameras

Previous generations of analog security camera technologies are being replaced by a new wave of networked IP cameras, allowing seamless application integration, the capture of pristine video imagery, and the rapid distribution of data.

Ambarella’s IP cameras not only provide superior video quality -- supporting 4K Ultra-HD (8 MP) resolutions and beyond -- but they also enable advanced processing features, such as 360 degree panorama, as well as analytics algorithms that can detect an alarm-triggering event or track retail customer behavior.

Consumer IP Cameras

The security and surveillance camera market is experiencing a revolution, expanding into cutting-edge areas such as home automation, behavioral analysis, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Consumers have embraced a new class of smart IP cameras that connect to a wired or wireless network, allowing everyday smartphones to play live video streamed directly from the home.

Ambarella is positioned at the forefront of the consumer IP camera revolution. We offer compact, full-featured IP camera designs at consumer price points.

Automotive Cameras

Automotive OEM Solutions

Ambarella is changing what consumers expect from automotive video. Grainy, distorted and low-contrast footage generated by typical car cameras is being replaced by Ambarella's brand of high-resolution, high dynamic range, compression-efficient video.

Higher quality video not only results in a better driver experience, but it also has the potential to enhance the performance of safety applications that rely on clean video imagery to function effectively.

Ambarella’s automotive OEM solutions include the following:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • 360-Degree Surround View Cameras
  • Electronic Mirrors (E-Mirrors)

Drive Recorders (“Dash Cameras”)

When the primary goal is simply to capture the highest-quality automotive video—whether to test vehicle performance, to gather critical evidence, or purely for the enjoyment of the road—Ambarella is an established leader in the field.

Our mature hardware and software reference designs offer a proven approach to developing consumer recording applications, shortening time-to-market.

Flying Cameras

Ultra-HD Flying Cameras

Ambarella is at the forefront of a new generation of high-performance 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) flying cameras designed for professionals in areas such as commercial filmmaking, scientific research, equipment inspection, video journalism, and more.

These cameras are expected to have small, lightweight form factors and long battery lives, without sacrificing advanced features—including 3D electronic image stabilization, live HD video streaming, and wide-angle lens de-warping—that make vivid, clean video and professional-quality still images a reality, even at altitude.

HD Flying Cameras

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, videographers, competitive drone racers, and more, Ambarella’s entry-level HD flying cameras deliver advanced features similar to our professional UHD models—outstanding high-resolution video, low latency, live video streaming, and image stabilization—with reduced power consumption and even smaller form factors. An 11x11-mm processor option is ideal for miniature camera designs.

Sports Cameras

Sports Cameras

Whether mounted on a quadcopter or worn while skiing, our devices are required to perform complex image enhancement functions, adapt to ever-changing lighting environments and communicate wirelessly with smartphones on-the-fly.

We address the demanding requirements of the sports camera market by offering products that combine exquisite video and image quality, low power consumption, and best-in-class compression efficiency.

Flying Cameras

Ambarella is at the forefront of a new generation of high-performance HD and Ultra-HD flying cameras designed for the outdoor enthusiast.

These action cameras are expected to have small form factors and long battery lives, without sacrificing the advanced features that make vivid, clean video and professional-quality still images a reality.

Wearable Cameras

Professional Wearable Cameras

Professions such as law enforcement demand the use of hands-free, body-worn video cameras to document everyday events on the job. These cameras have numerous potential benefits: they can reduce liability, create a valuable evidentiary record, and increase accountability to those being served.

Professions outside of law enforcement can benefit from body-worn cameras as well. Our wearable cameras have the potential to enhance productivity, improve training curricula, and simplify documentation for a variety of professions, from aviation mechanics to surgical medicine.

Consumer Wearable Cameras

As hands-free video recording and sharing have become more common, so has the use of compact, wearable camera units to document everything from our most memorable moments to our daily life routines.

Whether clipped to a collar or lapel, attached to a lanyard, or embedded in another body-worn object such as a pair of glasses, wearable cameras are growing in popularity with consumers, and they're here to stay.

Ambarella has positioned itself on the forefront of the emerging consumer wearable market, providing reference designs that can be used to develop lightweight, high-quality, low-power, wirelessly connected cameras with sleek and attractive form factors.

Broadcast Infrastructure Solutions

The Highest-Quality Compression Technologies Available

In the video infrastructure business, Ambarella provides encoder solutions for television broadcast head-ends, transcoders, and video contribution systems.

Television service providers face the challenge of providing an increasing number of high-quality HD television channels within the limited bandwidth available from cable, satellite or IP networks. To remain competitive and profitable, broadcasters must utilize the most efficient and highest-quality compression technology available. Ambarella encoder solutions not only provide this, but also enable real-time transcoding between video formats to deliver the optimal video resolution and format required by different playback device types, such as televisions, PCs, smart-phones and tablets.

Video Encoding up to 4K Ultra-HD Resolution

Ambarella provides a flexible platform to increase the quality and density of video transcoders and video contribution systems. Video contribution systems transmit video from remote sources, such as satellite news gathering units, to broadcast studios, or from broadcast studios to uplink centers or cable head-ends.

Ambarella’s technology is capable of simultaneously decoding and re-encoding four full HD channels, eight 720p HD channels or twenty standard-resolution SD channels. It can also encode video up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution.